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Ann Arbor Printer Repair Gives Tips on Buying Laser Printers

What to consider when buying a laser printer


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 Ann Arbor, Michigan- A local Ann Arbor printer repair company gives advice on what to consider when buying a laser printer.

Ann Arbor Printer Repair with over 20 years of experience repairing laser printers says,
the key is to understand which type of printer will meet your needs.
Ann Arbor printer man advises to ask questions, and research to choose the best printer for your office or home

1. What are you going to use the printer for?
Will the printer be used for office or home? Does the printer need to be multi-functional or will it be a dedicated printer? Remember to think about the volume or demand of printing services needed

2. What is the cost of ownership?
Determine the supply cost of the printer before you buy. Calculate the cost per page estimate – for example, if the cartridge yield is 300 and the price of cartridge set is $30, then you will average 0.10 per page–and if you print about 200 pages a month you are looking at $20/month cost or more.

3. Are you familiar with the printer model?
Choose a model that has been tested in the market - Product reviews are a valuable
resource to research printer models and printer supplies - websites such as PC magazine, PCWorld, and CNET are good sources as well.

4. Where to buy?
Online purchases are very popular and can save time; however, a major purchase is best done through a local vendor. A service store warranty might be a great advantage.

Ann Arbor printer repair cautions customers about trying to save a few bucks ordering online. Says, printers are delicate equipment and can be damaged during shipment. Also, if the printer needs to be returned it's much easier to call for service or return to the store.

Ann Arbor printer repair man's trained staff works with its customers to assist with their printing demands and needs

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