Sunday, 9 December 2012

Failing Your Way Forward Why Would You? Live Event Detroit College

Hello entrepreneurial family.  On Thursday, December 13th, Wayne McDonald, Chris Wechner and Mark Maupin are teaming up for another internet marketing roundtable event.  From 4-6pm, Chris Wechner will talk about 'How to Use Twitter'.

From approximately 6:00-8:30pm, Mark Maupin and Wayne McDonald will talk about 'How to Make a Full Blown Website'.  This event will feature a discussion on creating websites like Mark has had developed for some of his clients - as he will show you.  The discussion will feature a step by step approach used by many small businesses.  There will also be a discussion about Free Hosting.  If you have a laptop bring it, if you don't have one come anyway.

Finally, there will be a SPECIAL VIDEO PRESENTATION about Failing Your Way Forward.  Mark has said that "you are not going to hit success without some failure", and he will give a video presentation featuring six videos from very famous people about failing your way forward.

The event is being hosted by Wayne County Community College District's  Entrepreneurial Center in room 106 East at the Eastern Campus, located at the I94 and Conner exit.  The event is free so bring a friend.

Come out and enjoy the presentations as well as the discussions.  And remember, Take Action!

4-6pm Early Bird Session:  Topic: An Introduction to Twitter


  • An Explanation of Twitter
  • Demonstration: Setting up an account
  • Demonstration: Posting a Tweet
  • Demonstration: Using it as a news info source
  • Demonstration: Using it as a networking tool
  • Demonstration: Using it as an online meeting tool


6-9pm:  Topic: An Introduction to Blogger


  • An Explanation of Blogger
  • Demonstration: Setting up an account
  • Demonstration: Posting article on blogger
  • Demonstration: How buy a for it
  • Demonstration: Using it as a blog
  • Demonstration: Using it as a web site
Event Date: Thursday, 13th December 2012
Event Start Time: 4:00 PM
Event End Time: 9:00 PM
Location: Wayne County Community College Eastern Campus Room 106 Conner St Detroit, MI, 48213
Primary Phone: 248-762-0800

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