Monday, 3 September 2012

Renegade Detroit Real Estate Investor's Meeting Tuesday "importance of CORRECT Property Insurance".

Hey Investors,

Chris Moshier Speaking on the Importance of CORRECT Property

 Yeah, I know, insurance isn't the most exciting topic. NOT
SEXY AT ALL!  However, it is one of the most important things you do
to protect against risk on your investment property.

 Think about it. All the time and effort to find a really great
deal, line up the private money to buy it, rehab it, then flip it and or
rent it out. Property insurance is a hedge against BAD SHIT HAPPENING!

 But are you covered properly? Did the scum bag insurance company
slip a  clause in, of course in impossible to understand legal mumbo
jumbo, that leaves you open to vandalism? Are you covered for loss of rent
if there is a fire? Is your lender protected in an event of a loss?
Shit, I've seen some very creative ways of defining vandalism! Wait a
minute, that isn't the Webster dictionary definition of vandalism.

 This list goes on and you get the point. In my opinion this is one of
the most neglected aspects of real estate investing and it must be

 I've known Chris since Jeanna and I first moved to
Detroit in 2007. He was one of the first friends that we made and
for better or worse:) he is still our friend:)

 When it comes to insurance, and the many ways an insurance company
can trick or fool you into a policy that leaves you exposed, he is
an expert. He is brutally honest and he can decipher the legal mumbo

 Bring your questions and policies for Q&A time after the presentation and
make sure you and your lenders are covered in your current projects.

Meeting Information
Location: Sila Italian Dining & Pizza
4033 12 Mile Rd, Berkley, Michigan 48072-1119
Date and Time: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 6pm

 For more info on Chris Moshier and the meeting, go here:

 For more information on Chris Moshiers Company, Simplified
Insurance Agency, go here:

 See you at the meeting!

 Be a Renegade,
 Jeremy Burgess
 The Detroit Market Expert

 P.S. The cost to attend is $25 and all you can eat pizza is
included. We are a family friendly real estate investment club so
bring your spouse or children with you.

Renegade Detroit Investors, LLC, 18701 Grand River Ste 197, Detroit, MI 48223, USA

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